About the guide

‘How to publish research: a step-by-step guide to good practice’ is brought to you by inScience Communications in conjunction with Elizabeth Wager, a published authority on medical writing, peer-review and publication ethics.  

Having delivered strategic medical communications since 1982, inScience Communications is one of the most experienced medical communications agencies in the world, so you can feel confident and assured that this guide has been created by leading experts in the area of publication planning and medical writing.

  • The guide is designed a useful reference, to guide authors and pharmaceutical professionals through the complex good practice guidelines for writing and publishing manuscripts.
  • The latest version of the guide was published in October 2015 to ensure that GPP3 is reflected in the content.
  • It condenses recommendations from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, the European Medical Writers Association, the World Association of Medical Editors and international pharmaceutical organizations.
  • It also summarizes Good Publication Practice for communicating company-sponsored medical research (better known as GPP), the Medical Publishing Insights and Practices’ author toolkit, and international standards for authors developed at the World Conference on Research Integrity.

The guide is available in three formats:

Printed Guide

Our printed guide includes a large format wall poster, a handy portable poster and a useful reminder of the 10 Pricincipes of Good Publication Practice (GPP3). This is freely available and can be requested using the button below.  The wall and portable formats ensure that you have a constant reminder of the guidelines both in your office and on the go.

Online Guide

Our online guide features easy navigation and filtering of the various publishing guidelines.  An internet connection is required to access the online interactive guide.  Great when you need to access specific information quickly and easily.  You can access the guide on mobile, table and desktop as it is fully responsive.

Download PDF Guide

The PDF guide is for downloading onto your desktop or device so that you have an electronic version to access when you have no internet connectivity.